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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a completely free and open-source web development and blogging platform. Technically, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) developed in PHP which MySQL as a database. In non-technical terms, WordPress is the easiest and most effective tool which is used to develop business, e-commerce, blogging, and portfolio websites.

What is WordPress website?

WordPress website refers to any website which uses WordPress. In other words, a website which is built on WordPress is known as WordPress website. WordPress covers both front-end and back-end. We can develop any kind of website using it. Even a website like Facebook can be developed easily on WordPress, not exact but will contains all the main features like Facebook page, group, friends, posting, stories, reels etc.
The following are some types of website which we can develop using WordPress.


Blog is a special type of website. Mainly use to deliver informational content, photos, videos etc.

E-commerce Website:

An ecommerce WordPress allows to sell products and services online. We can get payment via online payment methods include direct bank transfer, PayPal, Cryptocurrency etc. For this we use woo-commerce plugin, officially developed by Automattic (Company which maintains WordPress)

Business Website:

A website which represents a company or agency is called business website. A business website contains a company introduction, there services, pas work (portfolio), blogs etc. And people can directly contact to company using contact form, social media links etc. For business websites, WordPress is best option because it is cheap, and makes development fast.

Membership website:

Membership websites are somewhere like blogging website. But in this website anyone can post. But registration is compulsory to post anything. And WordPress provides many plugins to gain this functionality.

More WordPress Webites

Portfolio Website:

A website which shows company/individual services and past work are known as portfolio websites.

Forum website:

Form websites are websites where user can share his/her problems and ask questions. And other people answer and solve his/her problem.

E-learning website:

E-learning website contains educational content it can be in the form of text or videos. The biggest E-learning website example is Udemy. Where you learn about anything. It is a paid platform but provides many content free of cost.


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Is WordPress right for you?

The answer is yes. WordPress is suitable for every kind of website. People thinks that WordPress websites are not stable. But this statement is absolutely wrong. A WordPress based websites can handle millions of traffic.
The following are some reason, why you should use WordPress for web creation.

WordPress Features

WordPress comes with amazing features. Yes! These features are also available while developing website with coding. But in WordPress it is very easy and costless. I’m sharing some features.
Note: These features are available and can be avail but if you choose wrong developer. Then you will not get these features.

Why You Should Hire Xofts

Xofts, A well known software agency. Xofts has experienced WordPress Designers and Developers. We are working from previous 4 years in this field and we have built a strong network by delivering quality work. We not just create a website. We understand your requirements and give best quotation and tells best strategy to grow your business.

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