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Website design and development services can help you create high-end e-commerce experiences that appeal to customers who are demanding and modern. When you partner with Xofts, are working with e-commerce developers adept in the design of high-performance e-commerce structures and conversion-driven user interfaces. Since we began to grow into an e-commerce development firm in 2019 Xofts is already a reputable and reliable service provider for software development. Our clients have an enormous advantage since they employ a team of vast technical expertise and an imaginative self.

We Provide All E-commerce Website Performance Services

The top companies require SEO-friendly e-commerce websites with high-quality designs. The integration of features for technical development is an integral part of the lifecycle of web development customs. We create customer-centric, amazing online stores with a gorgeous web design and development of e-commerce for enhanced SEO performance. When it comes to e-commerce, we assist you in all technical and integration requirements to increase leads and convert.
Our approach is to cover the entire life-cycle of software to help you achieve an advantage over your competition. We have proven track record of creating traffic and turning leads into leads, and eventually, profits

Custom E-commerce Design Of A Website

We assist you in standing apart on the internet because the majority of websites use e-commerce website templates. We design your website from scratch, using no templates. We’re passionate about crafting modern e-commerce websites for your online business. We favor our top clients to design a custom website design that is in line with their corporate image. We are focused on creating an innovative e-commerce website that your competitors love to copy; instead, we look at your competitors. But, customizing an e-commerce design could cost as much as USD $5,000. If our clients don’t have enough money for the development of e-commerce websites we recommend e-commerce applications to create a beautiful e-commerce website that starts at USD30 per month.

Our Areas of Expertise

The ability to customize e-commerce website development lets us use all E-commerce business models and development solutions instead of being stuck with specific e-commerce platforms.

B2C e-commerce

A beautiful user interface and decent personalization are evident on the surface of B2C eCommerce development. We take a step further and look at the business context to determine the potential for traffic and fluctuations in traffic and the possible concerns of customers concerning your specific product type(s) and your customers' purchase channels and many other aspects.

B2B e-commerce

When we collaborate with B2B companies, we aim for highly rational buyers and create user journeys to assist and guide them to make high-risk decisions. With B2B solutions for e-commerce, we tailor the experience of buyers and set up workflows for negotiation between buyers and sellers, and offer a variety of access to the various roles of the team.

Online marketplaces

We build product and service marketplaces that follow different models of engagement with sellers in order processing, as well as revenue management. We ensure the ease of three parties in mind: marketplace administrators/owners as well as sellers and consumers. In line with your company's vision, we grant some autonomy to sellers, but we keep the workflows clear and manageable.

Microservices-based e-commerce

Microservices are a great solution because they allow infinite customization, independent horizontal and vertical scaling and isolation from faults. We have skilled solution architects who develop and implement the logical elements (microservices) along with their dependency on other components in order to ensure that the isolation of components is maintained in the event of failure.

Headless commerce

Expertise in decoupled e-commerce architecture We help you implement distinctive, template-free designs for various interfaces like mobile, web devices, smartphones (speakers and watches. ), and AR/VR apps. By using a headless model it is possible to build any layout for pages and widgets and connect to APIs via back-end functions.


ScienceSoft supports PWA as a means to create a single app for mobile and web users because it offers optimal layout and styling based on the size of the viewport. We have a pre-built PWA Studio that includes the necessary tools and a storefront in order to make PWAs more efficient and at a lower cost.

Online multistore

We extend e-commerce business to new markets and geographic segments using efficient multistore systems. We ensure proper configuration and efficient administration of catalogs in various languages.

Web portals

Different kinds of web portals meet the diverse requirements of retail firms such as vendor management and customer engagement, building brands catalog sharing. When the objectives of the portal are clear We assist in planning and execute the functional elements, and also set up workflows.

A Powerful Marketing Suite

To increase and drive the company’s revenues, our e-commerce Development Software offers built-in marketing tools to help you grow your online business. Our work with large agencies as well as huge E-commerce clients that have revenues in the millions, has enabled us to design powerful tools for E-commerce. The tools that are powerful will be installed automatically into the E-commerce CMS Solution, allowing you to have powerful sitemap generators. RSS Feeds on Facebook and blogs that allow you to integrate your store on your Facebook as well as other applications from third parties

Easy Content Management

The goal of an E-commerce website is not developing an E-commerce website but rather, it’s about managing the whole online store on behalf of the owner. If uploading content and updating stock, updating prices, or the addition of new categories to your online store isn’t straightforward, it will consume the majority of your time, and stores like this will never please their customers. The primary goal should be the speed of delivery. Advanced E-commerce Solutions have been created with years of knowledge in the E-commerce is a way to make shopping simple and easy for customers. This solution is solely for our customers to ensure they will always be happy.

Easy Development

When designing an E-commerce site, We must take into consideration various SEO factors since they may affect how search engines index your site. The primary goal we have when developing is to ensure that the website remains SE0 friendly. In an online store, there are 1,000 product pages and we need a natural URL structure to allow the search engine to crawl your site properly. We ensure that your website’s photos are automatically cropped in order for the page to load more quickly by using various techniques, such as lazy loading. Make use of multiple Sitemaps to categorize your categories in a different way for each brand to ensure that the search engine Bots don’t misinterpret your website as a single item or service.

Fast Checkout

Fast Checkout can also be referred to as Quick Buy E-commerce. However, 50% of people around the world do not use e-commerce for purchasing goods or services. The market is growing, and they face a lot of issues when purchasing online. To fully
appreciate the importance of this of online shopping, you must know your target market. The reason is simple the reason is that
people don’t know what they should do next or where to find the button to add items to their cart when it doesn’t have any kind of animation to grab the attention of the user. We’ve created a number of eCommerce websites, and having decades of experience creating a fast Buy option which allows customers to purchase item and the services on the same site by entering their personal details been awe-inspiring for us to see an increase of 80percent in our clients.

Product And Data Imports

The management of more than 1000 items on your online store isn’t easy, especially given the numerous price fluctuations due to inflation. We must ensure that we’re selling our products or services in order to earn money rather than taking losses. We are aware of how crucial keeping your prices on our website up-to-date. Make price adjustments using Excel sheets within the system by making a single click. You can also upload your products with Our Import or Export Excel Sheet. You can alter short descriptions, product information, and prices on an Excel sheet and then upload the file to our E-commerce administration panel. Our e-commerce platform allows you to save time and allows you to concentrate on getting their orders to customers on time.

Assess Your Needs

We are aware of your requirements We also study your competition. We consider the needs of your customers prior to establishing your online store. Each business’s needs are different and require us to do E-commerce Development in a different manner. The gathering of needs is among the main reasons why we’d like to spend the time talking with you, and understand your objectives for this development of your E-commerce store One way to approach this is to envision your store as if you were your customer. You can then brainstorm every possible outcome your customers will require so they can have an amazing shopping experience.

Unlimited Products

When designing, we consider the possibility of offering multiple products that have different attributes available when adding them to the cart. We can modify the design in line with this when we design e-commerce systems that use CSS extremely well, which means your website’s design doesn’t be spoiled across every mobile device.
Examples: The shoes you sell could be characterized by these features # Size # Color # Sole Imagine that you see that these appear to be grouped under one another and you may have a variety of options available to the customer or perhaps you already have one. The design adapts by itself and provides the customer with an enjoyable shopping experience online. We offer you no limitations on the upload of items to the online shop.

Experience Starts With Us

Ecommerce Development
Leading E-commerce development agency that assists you in getting an e-commerce website that is complete for you to begin your online business. We integrate revenue generation capabilities but are completely capable of customizing the site to your requirements of yours.

Our experience is backed by our knowledgeable team in the field of e-commerce development that will manage all stages of development to ensure that a successful project is launched and delivers amazing results to our clients. Do you realize the amount of effort we put into your site in order to make use of our knowledge by adjusting your requirements to design, and later integrate into an e-commerce solution that is perfect for your e-commerce objectives? What’s stopping you from getting in touch with us? Go through our Ecommerce Demo

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