Custom web development

Custom web development

The website you have created is the core of your company. It is the foundation for all of your company’s advertising and marketing initiatives and is your primary point of contact for customers. Flexible, custom eCommerce website design allows online customers the ability to understand clearly the services of your brand and its distinctive values and value propositions. According to a report published by the eCommerce Foundation, 88 percent of U.S. consumers perform online searches prior to purchasing or going to a local store. If you don’thave a professionally-designed custom web design, consumers online could be easily dissatisfied. This can lead to an increased bounce rate and a lower conversion rate. Don’t allow this to happen to your company. Your customers should be able to locate and navigate your website effortlessly. Make sure you have an efficient, well-designed, and well-structured website to boost the profitability of your business and ensure its success

Your website is a great communications tool that allows you to promote your business at any time and interact with customers from across the globe. However, not all websites give you a return on your money (ROI). The main consideration is deciding between a template for your website as well as the possibility of a custom design site

Templates for websites can be a ready-to-use site design that allows developers to incorporate information into a sophisticated framework built with HTML and CSS. You can edit certain elements like color, font styles, images, and colors. However, other than that, what you’ll see is the outcomes you get. Although templates that have been pre-designed may save you time and money but they’re not flexible enough and creative.

A customized website can, on the other hand, be a way to design and promote your brand’s image by using customized elements on your page that meet your needs. The cost of creating a custom website is considerably more costly than templates for web pages however, they come with a host of advantages that will provide you with an advantage over your competition. The process of creating your website’s layout custom WordPress web design is more search-engine friendly individual, user-centric, and adaptable than templates that are included. When you select custom website design packages you can build your website around the specific needs of your customers and your brand’s message.

How is Customized Website Development and Design is Most Effective Choice for your brand?

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential to have the use of a custom WordPress web design could be an important differentiation for your company. A custom eCommerce web design can allow users to avoid overly complicated features and excessive software that could slow down download speeds. Furthermore, there is no restriction on themes that prevent users from altering the appearance and functionality of your custom web design.

With SEO-friendly designs, brand-new design features and a solid structure for websites, custom website design pricing is certainly worth it. A custom design website provides you with a reliable digital presence that is able to meet your business’s requirements in terms of quality branding, usability, and quality. Make use of custom Web design solutions and leave a lasting impression on the visitors to your site. Xofts offers professional custom web design to increase the reach of your brand online.

Professional Custom Web Design Solutions

Take control of your brand identity and take your customers towards the bottom of the sales funnel using Xoft’s custom web design services. The custom web design firm provides extensive site analyses and assessments of the target audience as well as analyses of business to determine the potential for conversions on your site. With over 14 years’s experience designing, developing , and maintaining over 600 web software applications Xofts is one of the most reputable web development firms across the U.S. We have earned the trust and experience to complete your most challenging and complicated web development tasks. Each of our web development services custom designed for us has outstanding usability, scalability and universal compatibility of operating systems and browsers. Each module is designed to integrate into a framework which handles secure and auditing that is foolproof which makes our web-based solutions as secure as desktop applications and, in some cases, even more secure. Select our web development firm for every reason you can think of.

Making a customized web-based application for your company will increase efficiency and productivity. Our web developers are able to tackle even the most difficult business-related logic. We provide reliable, innovative software solutions to meet your business’s specific requirements. Xofts develops custom web-based applications using technology that is compatible with the requirements of your business. Our experience in web programming includes: PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, AJAX, JQuery Silverlight, XHTML, Flex, Adobe Air, SQL Server 2008 and 2012 , and MySQL to mention some.

Cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate. As an SaaS software development firm, our cloud-based app development group of skilled people is backed by gold-standard qualifications to provide unmatched efficacy, security, and scalability cloud-based apps for our customers. We recognize that each enterprise has its own requirements for an SaaS software development firm, and we work with each client to provide cloud-based software for sale in an efficient and time-bound method.

With more than twenty years experience in the field of cloud application development firm and SaaS software development firm, Xofts delivers agile and flexible cloud-based applications that tap into the full power of cloud-based services. As a cloud application development firm, we offer businesses and enterprises with software that are designed to seamlessly adapt to cloud infrastructure, taking maximum benefit of the services and capabilities offered by IaaS as well as PaaS providers.

We define your objectives sets out the strategy, then develop custom websites that are able to be a part of your marketing plan. With the aid of custom web design and development services, we’ve helped out thousands of our customers. Increase the potential of your website’s presence in the online world and improve your customer experience. We could handle for you from wireframe and sitemap design to web launch, and custom web designing. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on custom web designing for your firm now and get an adequate price estimate for your website according to your budget.

Custom WordPress Website Design Process

1- Kick-Off

In our first meeting, our project manager will discuss the prospective customers and marketing goals that are essential for your successful business. We will then determine your expectations and respond to any questions you might have. We will also go over the different aspects of your custom website design and provide you with an adequate estimated price for your custom website design.

2- Strategy

The creation of a strategy acts as a basis for the development of any project. In this phase, we will review the information we've taken from the beginning and draft a proposal, make mock-ups of your design, and then discuss the plan with your manager in order to discuss the progress of the project. The goal is to develop action plans that are needed to complete the stage of development.

3- Development

This phase is the development of your website's Content Optimization website development and on-site SEO. We will make sure that all elements of your site, such as your logo's style as well as the color scheme and the interactive elements on your website truly reflect your branding. Once we've completed the front-end and back-end development, we'll have an appointment with you in order to discuss an overall review of your complete website.

4- Launch

Afterward, we transfer your site onto a live server. To ensure that you are fully aware of the needs of your site and your website according to your requirements. we also provide you with training for you and your staff, so that your staff could handle it easily and perfectly which will also help operators to manage. Xofts will manage your site regularly and also SEO, allowing you to focus on internal processes. We also provide server management services.

Award-Winning Custom Web Development Company

One of the major issues with online marketing is that small-scale business owners aren’t aware of the importance of having a custom-designed website. Many entrepreneurs overlook the many benefits that come with investing money in a site due to the huge custom website design price. Do not make the same mistake.
Place your custom web design and development to us and reap these advantages:

In our modern, internet-driven society most transactions and interactions with brands are conducted on the internet. If your site does not make an impression and stand out from the crowd you could lose potential clients, business partners, and long-term growth that is profitable. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll assist you to reach out to high-interest prospects and maintaining strong relations with your customers.

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