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Xofts is a leading provider of games development for mobile devices. If your business will be developing apps for iOS or Android platforms starting from beginning to finish, you can count on our assistance. We have a group of highly skilled developers to assist you in every step of the development of mobile games.

About Our Services

Full Cycle Game Development

We’ll manage your game at every stage from game design to post-release support, utilizing the extensive experience and imagination of our professionals. Create your dream of gaming and your most imaginative concepts come to life with our complete mobile game development services.


Our team of experts designs a game structure that lets content expand. In addition to conducting post-launch analytics and assessing the viability of games and ensuring regular game content changes to keep players entertained by introducing new challenges characters, challenges, and more.


The creative team of Xoft takes a unique approach to each project, which is to create exciting graphics, animated animations, and captivating game assets that hold players’ attention till the conclusion of the game. Each game element is optimized to give the best performance.

More About Our Services


Our testers offer accurate and reliable quality assurance for games and ensure that the game’s parameters are in line with design goals. Performance and gameplay, UX/UI social integration, compatibility with devices, and more are all completely under our control.


We will continue to offer assistance for the game following the game’s launch. This is achieved by tracking the game’s performance, monitoring reviews as well as solving bugs and game features that aren’t suited to players, re-designing elements, and improving the game’s gameplay based on feedback from clients.



We create, design tests and launch the most addictive Android games with a reach of 2 billion people around the world.


We have iOS mobile games feature thrilling game mechanics, interactive UI features, and stunning design that is tailored to the specific needs of the player.


Eliminate the platform limitations and let us create an amazing cross-platform experience using the most appropriate technology.



Our team of experts is well-versed in the game mechanics, design, and playability of mobile games across every genre that is appreciated by players. We’re not just creating an app, we’re bringing a product to market that is truly engaging for players.


We create hugely-multiplayer online games that take into consideration the current fashions, the finer points of the technical aspect of the proper operation of multiplayer, as well as the preferences of players, which means they quickly climb to the top of the lists.


Our RPG games have an extremely well-thought-out storyline, an engaging game environment, and an impressive range of possibilities for character development. We’re inventive in creating stunning environments that are in line with the finest tradition in the field.


We provide a broad selection of social interactions. This allows you to build an entire community of people who share the same interests and play, as well as draw an array of diverse users and audiences that keep their attention over the duration of.


Games that are casual and hyper-casual from the mobile gaming app developer Studio Kevuru Games are a win-win combination of easy, yet addicting game play, vibrant and eye-catching images, and straightforward rules. We are knowledgeable about the various categories of these games and offer every player the most effective options to play with the highest amount of players across the globe.


Game app creators at Arctic Games emphasize the educational aspect so that it doesn’t cause any kind of boredom or displeasure and is seamlessly weaved into a unique and engaging storyline, the progression of which is always dependent on the development of logical thinking or strategic thinking as well as any other skill according to the preferences of the player.

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