Games Development


Our company for video game development manages projects independently, and jointly develops games with our client and also provides other operational services. Our team’s expertise lets us be able to cover all gaming platforms and design an incredible product that is in line with the vision of the client and their preferences.

Our Game Development Services

Blender Modeling

Blender is a 3D computer graphics software tool. It is a free and open-source. And it it use for making animated films, visual effects, arts, video games and much more. Xofts provides all services related to blender modeling. We are always open to work with you. Just contact us. We will explain you everything about it.

Android/IOS Development

Mainly people play games on his/her smart phone. We create, design tests and launch the most addictive Android games with a reach of 2 billion people around the world. And we have iOS mobile games feature thrilling game mechanics, interactive UI features, and stunning design that is tailored to the specific needs of the player.

Unity Services

Unity is the most powerful and popular cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. The games developed on unity are more stable, flexible, and fast as compared to other game engines. And the good news is we have a highly educated and experienced Unity developers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get our game development services.


Incorporating game development on all popular platforms and capturing the attention of players who have many different choices is among our primary advantages.


End-to-end development of games for personal computers, with porting onto Windows and MacOS.


Game development on all major console platforms: Xbox, Nintendo, PS4.


Designing games designed for iOS as well as Android platforms, or cross-platform development.


Utilizing cutting-edge virtual reality and augmented reality technology to create thrilling games.

Whats Make Us Different From Others.

We are a team that does what we love and what makes us feel inspired. Therefore, each of our projects skyrockets the brand’s name and makes players all over-enthusiastically discuss its key features. Join us and be able to feel the impact!


Our agency for game development creates games specifically designed to meet your particular budget and requirements. Experts in outsourcing game development across all areas provide an approach that is customized to your needs to meet your objectives and the scale.


With an open and honest dialogue, transparent communication , and complete adherence to the requirements of the client Our company for game development guarantees complete satisfaction with executed projects and ensures repeat business with a 90% success rate. Do not look elsewhere for a game development studio. We can deliver every project.


Don’t stress about system, data and infrastructure security: we adhere to the strictest security policy guidelines that are inherent to outsourcing for game development. We also continually update security systems to reflect the most recent developments.


We are a game development company that can adapt to the scope of the project and is able to hire an additional amount of highly experienced experts should it be necessary to ensure the success of the project in accordance with the timeframe. We typically need two weeks to find an expert.



The person who is the idea helps manage the ongoing project by making decisions regarding the style and design of the content, and also directing the game development team on what’s most important. The idea person’s artistic integrity is essential to maintain a balance between the goals that the editor has and the artistic direction of the developers , and ensures that the result is harmonious.


Team conductor, who coordinates and monitors timetables, identifying risk areas solving issues, and maintaining a seamless communication between clients and the game’s developers development studio. Assures the highest quality of the game developed that is in line with industry best methods, customer’s key requirements and goals for creating the game.


The designers of our game development studio are responsible for the development of the concept and the core features of the game to come. With years of experience in the development of games, they pick the right game mechanics and role-playing mechanics as well as storylines, characters biographies and deliver thrilling gameplay that is in line to the game’s direction and platform.


Within our game design firm, our top-quality technical experts expertly translate the thoughts that the designers have developed into an interactive environment that is scalable and managed in accordance with. Responsible for programming the engine that powers the game, as well as its performance as well as fixing design and bug issues, and writing stories and scripts.


Careful and attentive to the smallest of details Testers ensure the quality of the game by playing every possible game scenario in order. QA engineers also play various variations of the game to examine its performance, handle as well as cover up test mishaps fix grammar and spelling mistakes and provide any errors to allow for prompt correction.


2D Concept artists, artist, and other game art specialists ensure the harmony of the visual style. With regard to that there are limitations to the game’s platform, and observing comments from QA testers, game artists design the appearance and feel of games. They also design artwork for packaging, promotional materials as well as websites to enhance the marketing position.

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