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Until anything goes wrong, most organisations are too busy growing their company to pay attention to server administration. In many cases, organisations may not have the in-house skills or industry knowledge to keep up with the rapid changes in server technology.
Servers, on the other hand, are the most critical component of any company’s IT infrastructure. They need to be trustworthy, safe, and available round-the-clock, as well as quick. All of the company’s aims and growth velocity must be supported by them. They need to be checked on, handled, and maintained on a regular basis.

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Xofts can assist you in this regard. All of your servers’ day-to-day operations may be taken care of by our more than ten years of experience and current technological competence. Any Xofts plan, whether hourly or subscription-based, will include a comprehensive set of automatic services to assure peak performance for your servers around the clock.
Services such as Xofts Server Management include everything from installation and upgrade to troubleshooting and monitoring, as well as operating system updates. For a set, predetermined price, you may rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

In order to improve server management, what do we do?

Software & OS Updates

– Installing the necessary software to safeguard servers against viruses and spam.
Installing and administering web hosting control panels and making it easier to interact with hosting servers (Cpanel, Directadmin, etc.).
In order to satisfy the owners’ every whim, we install extra software on servers.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

 The proactive 24/7 monitoring of your servers allows us to notice any departure from the usual promptly. In-house XOFTS development, the monitoring system is able to prevent false alarm replies. At five-minute intervals, the servers are watched round the clock. If the issue isn’t fixed within ten minutes, the server notifies the account holders via email.
– In order to keep your servers secure, you must first properly set up the security on each one and then do regular audits. Customers may request specialized security audits.

Performance Analysis & Optimization

– Maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your servers – optimising them.
Your servers’ strengths and weaknesses should be examined via the use of stress testing and analysis of their performance.
In order to ensure that servers are protected, we undertake regular backups and data recovery if necessary. *
A broad variety of performance-related topics are covered in the consulting services and advice we provide to server owners and operators.
– In order to provide our customers with the most efficient technology and products, we constantly monitor the market for new developments.
Contact us for a more in-depth technical review, or choose from one of the server management solutions above. We’d be pleased to go into detail and make sure you understand every element of our server administration services. Today is the day to get started!

In order to improve server management, what do we do?

Support for cPanel

A leader in the industry, we provide the most popular Cpanel server administration package. Experts in cPanel administration are on hand to handle your server.

Plesk Technical Support

Plesk onyx certified professionals will handle your server around the clock with the best-designed server management package.

Support for DirectAdmin

Direct admin server management plan is one of the greatest control panels in the industry.

The SolusVM Help Desk

Let us manage your VMs using a robust GUI-based virtualization software with solusVM server administration services.

Virtualizor Support

Let us take care of your OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM servers around the clock with our new virtualizor server management plan.

Microsoft Hyper-v Support

Windows server virtualization plan is supported by Microsoft Hyper-v and provides a sensible allocation and stable virtualized solution.

Support for Amazon's AWS

AWS instances are managed and serviced by our experts on a daily basis at an enterprise level.

Microsoft's cloud computing platform, Azure.

Deploying scalable applications and instances on the Azure cloud platform is no problem for our professionals.


To provide complete support, we manage your OpenStack infrastructure as a whole using a variety of methods and methodologies.

What's the Use of Professional Server Management Assistance?

In order to run a server, no matter how big or little your organisation is, you need server management. Managing your own server is an option, but because this isn’t what you do for a living, you’re better off hiring someone who does. It is far more probable that a professional server manager will be able to address all of the server difficulties that may emerge. Additionally, they let you to concentrate on running your company, rather than worrying about whether or not your servers are running at full capacity.

As Your Server Management Service Provider, What Makes XOFTS Different?

A company’s IT demands are met by XOFTS’s team of highly-qualified specialists, including server administration. Server management specialists at the top of their game are among the more than 100 professionals on our team. With XOFTS, you can rest easy knowing that your servers are in good hands.
Also, keep in mind that XOFTS is well-known for its unique IT solutions. As a result, we’ll spend time getting to know you and your business. While here, we get a better understanding of your company’s infrastructure and aspirations. Thus, we have an edge in managing your servers since we are familiar with the specific demands of your business with regard to server administration and the resources provided by your servers.

The advantages of server management

Trusting Xofts with the administration of your servers has several advantages. A managed services package is a must for any server that expects perfect uptime and peak performance. Among the advantages are:

Decreased Prices

To save money, use Xofts Linux server administration service rather than employing your own staff.

Peace of Mind

Your managed server is under constant expert scrutiny, so you can sleep well at night.

Enhanced Reliability

Our server managers take fast action in the case of a system outage so that your site may be restored as soon as possible.

Extensive Server Knowledge

Linux server administration is only offered by us if we are professionals in the platform in question. In order to get the most out of your managed server, it’s important to work with administrators that know it inside and out.

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