Domain Search & Management

Xofts can help you manage your domain name portfolio!

Xofts offers a wide range of domain services to help you register and maintain your domain names under all TLDs.

Make use of our local presence services if you have a TLD that is difficult to get.

Consultancy Services in the Domain

Registering and managing your worldwide domain name portfolio has never been easier thanks to Xofts. Our staff will look at your domain portfolio and come up with a solution that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs.
Adapt to the domain market’s problems
More than 1,000 domain extensions are available for your use.
You may rely on us for advice.

Domain registration

Xofts offers domain name registration for all ccTLDs and new TLDs throughout the globe. Our user-friendly online interface makes it easy to manage all of your domains from an one location. Workshops on domain registration, portfolio management, and plan execution are offered often.

Acquisition of a domain

A local contact address is required by certain registries as part of the registration process. Xofts provides Local Presence Services to meet these unique needs. Xofts offers a variety of acquisition services, including this one.
For example, a service that automatically registers lost domains (snapback / backorder)

Domain Name System (DNS) Services

When it comes to DNS zones and domains, Xofts can help with both analysis and troubleshooting. Your DNS solution must be stable and safe, which we have learned during many years of delivering DNS solutions to our customers.

Brand TLD

Your brand should have its own domain name with a specific extension. We can help you from the beginning to the finish of the project, including the technical registry operation. Please let us to keep you up to date on ICANN’s new TLD application periods.

Domain Security

You can trust Xofts to protect your domains thanks to our trustworthy systems and many security options. It is our goal to work with trusted partners to study and implement security measures. As if they were our own, we treat your domains with respect.

Getting started with Xofts is quick, straightforward, and hassle-free.
You and your current service providers will work together to ensure that your domains are ready for transfer. In any case, we promise to keep your domains up and running at all times throughout the switchover process. Your current service providers may be reluctant to give you with DNS zones or authorization codes. You may delegate as much or as little of the procedure as you want to our staff.

Dedicated Transfer Manager

One point of contact at Xofts will work with you during the full transfer procedure.

Fully Managed

We will handle the whole transfer procedure, including interactions with the registry and your existing registrar, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Creating a Customized Project Strategy

It is necessary to create a customized project plan in order to meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of timeliness and planned activities for domain transfers.

No Downtime

Ensure that your transfer is uninterrupted by eliminating lost traffic and downtime.

What if you're looking for a country-coded domain but don't meet the criteria?

A key service provided by Xofts is the ability to automate the process of adding the appropriate Local Contact data to domain names during the initial domain registration procedure. We are able to register domain names in every nation in the globe by completing all relevant registration criteria thanks to our extensive network of partner firms and subsidiaries.
A local address or person, a locally registered corporation, or a locally-registered trademark are all examples of things Xofts can assist with.

Fast results

Xofts can handle all of your domain registrar needs for you since we have the necessary expertise and resources in place.

Save time

Reduce the time and effort needed to establish a local presence in a foreign country and comply with registration requirements by automating the process.

Save money

When compared to hiring outside legal advice or relying on internal legal resources, Xofts’ Local Contact and Company Formation services are more cost-effective.


Customers throughout the globe have been relying on us for more than a decade to help them establish an online presence and register new businesses.

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