Features of cPanel Server Management

We will fully configure and manage your cPanel servers. We will accept nothing less than the highest performance!

cPanel Certified

 cPanel SafeAdmin and other cPanel certifications are required for permanent employment with ServerHealers. As a result, all of our technicians have various cPanel certifications.

Experts in Web Hosting

We are an industry-focused firm that specialises in web hosting. You will receive answers and solutions for anything connected to web hosting, cloud computing, and not only cPanel.

24 hour cPanel support

If you need help with your cPanel servers, please contact us at any time. We have skilled cPanel specialists working in all of our shifts, always and around the clock.

24x7 cPanel Server Monitoring

All of our cPanel Server Management Plans include free cPanel monitoring. Our experts will monitor your host and six other critical services around the clock to ensure your cPanel server is always up and running.

Monitoring cPanel Server Uptime

If your cPanel server is down for more than 5 minutes, our system will notify us, and our administrators will get to work right away. We can even contact your data centre on your behalf if necessary and if you have given us permission. Finally, an answer to that unexpected server outage!

Monitoring Disk Usage in cPanel

Our monitoring system is set up to keep track of all mounted partitions on a cPanel server.Xofts Administrators will receive notifications if the server disc utilisation is critical or if something requires our attention.

CPU Load Monitoring in cPanel

Don’t be concerned about the high CPU load spikes. Our 24×7 monitoring team will handle any CPU load concerns and ensure that your server functions properly.

Monitoring cPanel Memory Usage

We’ll be notified if our RAM consumption exceeds a certain threshold. Our cPanel administrators will resolve the difficulties or notify you if a RAM increase is required for the programs to function correctly.

Mail Queue Monitoring on cPanel

Our 24-hour monitoring staff will get notifications concerning your cPanel Exim mail queue. If you are concerned about email delivery, this is just what you want!

MariaDB/MySQL Monitoring in cPanel

Do you have any websites or apps that use MariaDB or MySQL? Then you understand how critical it is to ensure the database server’s availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve got you covered!

Web Server Monitoring with cPanel

If there is a problem with your Web Server, we will be notified, and our cPanel administrators will resolve the issue as soon as possible. No more “your sites aren’t loading” phone calls or emails at midnight!

Workflow for the cPanel Server Management Plan

You may reach us via live chat or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions or need assistance with your cPanel Server.
Our qualified cPanel professionals will additionally monitor your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that it is stable and healthy.


Our experts will carefully evaluate the server accessibility and other parameters when you buy the cPanel Server Management Plan. If everything checks out, our team will connect your server to our monitoring system and activate your plan.

The Server's Relief

If you want assistance with your cPanel Server after the service has been launched, please contact us through email or live chat. If something goes wrong with your server, our 24-hour monitoring system will tell us. As soon as we receive your email, chat, or notification from the monitoring system, our skilled cPanel specialists will find a solution.


After we have resolved the issues or concerns, we will notify you of the actions and solutions that we implemented on your server. If something requires longer time (for example, full cPanel Server Hardening and Audit), we’ll keep you updated until the operation is completed.


We do provide a way for our customers to contact our executives if they demand more from us, want extra products, or have any recommendations. We’ll go through everything in depth, and nothing will be overlooked.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a cPanel server set up; I simply need someone to handle support tickets and requests. Are you capable of doing so?

Yes! You can delegate assistance to us. We have years of expertise in offering cPanel assistance to clients.

Do you agree with WHM?

Yes, both WHM and cPanel are supported.

Will you install some PHP components that I require?

Obviously. With your cPanel servers, we will install any PHP module or extra service you require.

Will you be able to upgrade PHP on my cPanel?

Yes, we can upgrade your cPanel to the most recent PHP version (7 or above).

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