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We Have The Perfect Writer For You

With thousands of writers who provide the writing service, we can provide writers with the expertise as well as the background and ability to create flawless content that promotes your brand. We can match your project with experienced writers for your website or talk with our customer service representatives to get recommendations.

Establish and Maintain a Unique Voice

When you’ve worked with a content writer you like and trust, we make it easy for you to work with the writer in the future. Use the tools that are built into our light order form to pick writers from past jobs. Writers improve with each task they do for you as they become familiar with your brand’s image, your marketing strategies, strategy for content and needs and begin to anticipate what you need.

Large Projects and Small Projects

If you’re creating a huge website that has many pages or high word count you’ve come to the right location. We can connect you with a prolific writer or create an entire team of writers to your web content creation project.
On the other side, if you just require one or two pages to be written We make it simple to order and buy content swiftly. There are no contracts nor obligations at Crowd Content. The minimum deposit is $15, which allows you to obtain as small or as much content as you require.

Every Type of Website Content

Static Website Pages

We can write your homepage pages, your about us page as well as any page you have on your site. There are also writers that specialize in the creation of articles, blog posts and categories pages, product descriptions or press releases as well as every other kind of content written by us that you may require.

Landing Pages

Our experienced copywriters who are able to create unique content that is SEO-friendly and optimized to convert. Make use of multiple writers to split the content for your landing page to test.

SEO Pages

Get stunning results in search engine optimization with keywords-optimized content. You can easily specify keywords that your writer can insert, and keep your content easy to read and natural.

Unique Content Matters More Than Ever For Websites

The majority of companies write their web content to appeal to two main users:

There was once an enormous gap between the two groups were expecting and what search engines can do, however they have advanced and are very close to matching the human expectations of searchers. They want content that is original interesting, informative, and thoroughly covers the topics that people were most interested in when they visited your site. The quality of your content’s content determines the length of time visitors remain on your website and how many pages they browse through and if they bounce immediately. Search engines have now taken all of these factors into search rankings, and allow them to mimic your prospective customers’ behaviour.

Web Content to Support Your Marketing

Your marketing should increase traffic to your website. Your content on your website must be able to resonate with those who’ve come to your website and convey an unifying message. In short , you must have content that fits into you in your marketing on social networks strategy and the content marketing strategy.
Our content writing services on our website have been designed with this in mind. When you purchase content We’ll request you to explain how your content will fit into the buying process of your customers, so that your content will be in alignment with your buyer’s journey.

Why Choose Xofts? What Makes Xofts Web Content Specail?

100% Unique

We utilize advanced software for plagiarism detection to ensure that every bit of web content that you receive is original and free or duplicates.


Our writers are among the best of the best, and collectively have written hundreds of millions of content on the web. They’ll write your original content using care, drawing from their years of experiences.

SEO Optimized

You can specify your keywords of choice and your focus when you place your order. Your writing team will expertly improve your content.

Written With Authority

With more than 6000 writers available You can find someone who is knowledgeable of the industry and can craft content that reads as if it was written by a seasoned professional.

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