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Why should you choose us to create your product description copy

We’re happy that you’ve were interested! The reason we believe that we can provide the most effective Amazon listing service for your products lies in our extensive experience in this area. From aiding clients with their primary product as well as keyword research , to optimising their PPC campaigns for better performance we’ve seen everything when it comes to Amazon business. Now, we’ve taken it a step further with the provision of sales brochures in the Amazon listing services for clients who are successful to the market.

Data Driven Listings

We utilize our own measure known as Listing Quality Score to assess the quality of listings by comparing it to various criteria. The metric is assigned to every product within Amazon’s database Amazon databases, it lets us to focus on the areas that are important and brings the best to your listing.

Maximize Your Keyword Coverage

We create copies that subtly contain all the most important relevant, relevant product keywords as well as their variations. Covering all ways to increase search engine visibility, our listings contain a harmonious mix of text that is attractive, easy to read, and are indexed and redeemed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Boost Your Rankings

Our copywriters write flawless sales-driven language that encourages conversions through focusing on key attributes of the product. In addition our content will always be at par (if not more than) with those of your most fierce, top-selling competitors , putting you in the best position to lead the search results on Amazon.

A Welcome Call to Understand Your Products

At Xofts We believe that one of our tenets of the company is to deliver a world-class customer service and to build an effective relationship with our customers. If you sign up with us to have your listings optimized and optimized for copywriting, our copywriters will conduct one-on-one time with you to get a better understanding of the nature of your Amazon company and give you an overview. We will get to know your needs and expectations, as well as deal with any concerns you may have.

Market and Competitor Research

Following your initial call to us, the only thing you have to do is relax and let us do the rest. We’ll begin by studying the market you’re operating in and finding your top competitors who offer the same type of products as you. This is the point at which Xofts is able to provide useful, relevant information about your competition which can assist us in tackling the technical aspects of listing making.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is an important element in our process to design the perfect list of products for our customers. Based on our experience and knowledge within the industry, we create the strategy to write the content for you that is compatible with Amazon’s SEO algorithm. We’re talking about keyword-rich titles for products and bullet points, analyzing the keywords used by rivals and the extent of coverage.

Keyword Research

Then, we can move on to the fun part of assembling an appropriate list of keywords to your products. We employ a variety of methods to come up with this list, by looking at Amazon auto-suggestions to analyzing each competitor’s listing in detail and then using our effective Reverse ASIN and Keyword Tool We will take no shortcuts. Our endeavor to identify keywords that convert, such as long-tail and product keywords will yield results in the form of indexing in the Amazon SERP too.

Product Title and Bullet Points

Armed with strong, reliable information, our copywriters begin to write. Beginning with the product’s title We will then start to create the most important features of your product and ensure that they’re optimized for conversion and contain all relevant keywords! Additionally, all text we create is conforming to the specific category of guidelines for products as set out by Amazon.

An Appealing Product Description

In many cases, you could be unable to sell because you do not provide sufficient information about your product. This isn’t the case when you partner with us. Because as one of the aspects we offer as part of the Amazon optimization service We will create an detailed product description for each listing that provides your buyers with all the information they’ll need to buy.

Amazon A+ Content

If your business is registered on Amazon Brand Registry Amazon Brand Registry, we are also delighted to work together with Amazon A+ Content. Alongside creating the description text that is of high-quality We will also assist you in optimizing your images and videos by providing comments and recommendations.

Backend Search Terms

Our job doesn’t stop by preparing the listing’s content – we go an extra mile and give you the most relevant backend search terms that are applicable to your product. There are many sellers who tend to do this aspect wrong, but our copywriters aren’t into that category. Our systematic and strategic approach ensures that your website is ready to convert even on the backend.

Detailed Photography Inputs

Although we are unable to personally perform the photography for you, we’ll try our best to provide you with an in-depth review of how your photos compare with other vendors. We’ll assist you in understanding the best ways to improve your pictures to increase visibility and traffic as well as conversions.

To Sum It Up

We’re at the conclusion this moment – we’ll have an interview with you prior to when your listings go live , to make sure that we don’t miss important information that we shouldn’t miss. Throughout this journey, our copywriters will be in touch with you, updating the status of your listings optimization/creation through frequent emails and calls.

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