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Amazon product research is one of the most important elements. There are a lot of Amazon product ideas to hunt however the majority have already been implemented.Xofts believes there is an enormous amount of work required to conduct Amazon product hunting. Our Amazon ideas for product hunting originate from a variety of sources. With millions of items on Amazon and thousands of new products added each week, there’s always room for more items on the world’s biggest online retailer. We are always up-to-date on the latest products and most popular products. Always looking for profitable products. The goal is to provide the best product search that is eligible for FBA and to do this we’ve developed a variety of search criteria that do not depend on a single source to search for the perfect product to market on Amazon.

Amazon Product Hunting Services by Xofts

Xofts has multiple methods to conduct Amazon search for products. We use a variety of methods to conduct Amazon product hunting involves finding and simultaneously searching for multiple product possibilities. Our Amazon successful product consulting employs various sophisticated AMZ marketing tools such as Helium along with Jungle Scout for the right product hunt. When we’re able to locate the most popular items, we begin the method of finding suppliers. We search for products that can be sourced locally before shifting our attention on China as well as Alibaba. Our goal is to cut down on cost of shipping as much as feasible.
Our Amazon product search services could search for items in a different manner. First, we locate a vendor and then access their catalog to view what products they have available. Then , our team reviews every item on Amazon to find the number of sellers who sell the products. This provides us with an idea of the market competition for the specific segment and product. The supplier first strategy makes sure that we have the supplier that is delivering the product within either the US or UK before we can begin offering the product to Amazon. We then consult the customers (our customer) to decide which option to take, whether “Private Label Brand” or “Me Too”.

What is the process?

Step 1 - Assign Product Hunting

The first step is to you’ll give Xofts the Amazon task of conducting product research for you. We will require a payment of $100 upfront (non-refundable) to ensure that we can begin our Amazon product search process.

Step 2 - Finalize Product Hunting Criteria

Let us know your requirements or let us conduct the analysis of products on Amazon in accordance with our standards. You can send us an email to discuss what criteria we follow at

Step 3 - Revealing of the Statistics

After we’ve agreed on the criteria for hunting products and have agreed on the criteria, we will begin to go after this product (or the products) and will share only the results. If you are able to confirm that you’d like to purchase the product, we’ll move on to the next stage.

Step 4 - Revealing the Hunted Product

When we’ve completed our Amazon product study, you’ll pay the remainder of what was initially decided. We will disclose what the item’s name is, and give our opinions that you are able to create an exclusive label or me-too on it.

Why Hire Our Amazon Product Hunting Services?

Low Competition and High Demand Products
When it comes to identifying profit-making products, competition, as well as demand for the product, is crucial. We concentrate on our Amazon Product Research on those items with a high demand. It is our goal to provide Amazon products that are fairly new. Our Amazon products hunting services center around offering products with a high demand and low competition. The higher demand and lesser competition means that products have a higher chances of earning profit.

Healthy Keyword Search Volume

On xofts our Amazon profitable product consulting services focus on products that have the potential to be ranked in large search volumes. Our studies on products on Amazon is focused on products with a have a wide range of keywords available. The focus of our research is on the possibilities that this product we’ve chosen for you isn’t overwhelmed by competition and that there’s still the possibility of more sellers to offer the product on Amazon.
We Consider Seasonality Effect into Account
One of the aspects we consider when evaluating Amazon’s highly profitable product advisory is seasonality. Many of the items we encounter in our Amazon product searches are excellent but do not have the same sales all year round. Our Amazon product search services are based on this important aspect. We don’t recommend to our clients’ top-selling products which have a drop in sales throughout the course of the year due to seasonality or any other reason. The goal is to offer them products that are able to provide regular sales and profits throughout the month.

Stable Product Behavior

Sometimes we will have products that are hunting-related and eligible for FBA however those that are trending although not seasonal they are not able to provide similar sales results. When conducting our Amazon product study, we’re cautious about the quality of the sales. Our Amazon product hunting services’ primary goal is to ensure consistent sales. So, even if a product isn’t seasonal, but its sales are constantly changing due to increased competition and product variety or any other reason that aren’t immediately apparent we will try to stay clear of such products and share them with our customers.

Light Weight and Small Products

There are numerous trending items on the market that do not be considered worthy of an inclusion due to various reasons. Our Amazon profitable product consultancy will take into account a variety of factors. In our search for the best items on Amazon we generally prefer products that are light and compact in dimensions. This allows our customers to transport these items at a reasonable cost. In addition, when there is a shortfall of stock Customers can think about shipping a smaller and lighter items by air cargo.

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